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LOL Mod Skin Free Download Pro 2019

You can choose from the official mods up to a more customized one and even anime-inspired mods.

This mod will change the character visually on your PC and doesn’t affect the gameplay. This means that other players won’t see your skin and it is safe to use and you won’t get banned.

The experiences you’d instead strive options distinctive costumes. This is a Mod Skin free program name LOL skilled (LOL SKIN).

The program helps you modify Champion Skin among the sports League of Legends is fast and simple.

With simple interface simple to use, software skilled mod skin lol providing you with a decent feeling once participating in games of League of Legends Riot Game row combined with the best music frequently assists you to reach winning rate the foremost vital among the sports League of Legends.

It is lovely.

How to install

There are plenty of methods on how you can install a custom skin and the most common is by downloading 3rd party programs.

(disable adblocker if you can’t download)


  • You can use the mod skin prior to opening the official League of Legends client. You can also use the mod even the LoL client is running. But make sure that you’re not queuing for a match before using it or else it won’t work.
  • Download the mod (disable adblocker if you can’t download)
  • Extract the zip archive and open the folder
  • Double click on “LEAGUESKIN_9.16.1.exe” or “LEAGUESKIN_9.16.1”
  • Select the preferred champion that you want to apply the custom skin.
  • Start the game and select your champion

With images

Download the mod (disable ad-blocker if you can’t download)


Download lol mod pro

Open the zip folder and double click on

  • “LEAGUESKIN_9.16.1.exe” or “LEAGUESKIN_9.16.1”
Open zip file

  Select the LOL character:  

Select LOL character step 1
Select LOL character step 2
LOL mod skin in game

How to Get Key

1. open mod-skin it will ask for the key. 2. Get key: click here scroll down you will see the key see image below.

3. copy the key generated done enjoy!  

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