Rules of Survival

Dis-banned Account “PERMANENT BANNED” In Rules Of Survival



1. Clear Login Data.
2. Download Rules Of Survival Mobile, if you have it already just open it.
3 Login the Gmail account the one you want to Dis-banned.
4. Choose PC Login
5. Open your Computer and start Rules Of Survival.
6.  Scan login your banned account.

there you have it! your account is now dis-band happy gaming!!!

Note:  To fallow this tutorial you need to have Rules Of Survival mobile. All the cloths you have owned had been removed, but the rank and status of your game-play stayed.

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  1. sir pLease heLp my VIP tO bakc i cant cheat anymore but i played in comshop i dont know whta happend please help me sir add me on fb arman Ft oidacra tnx sir

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